The Non-financial aspects of retirement planning


About retirement coaching

Retirement is like sunrise - a new beginning, a new life

In the "New Retirement' we want to retire 'to something' instead of the old approach of retiring 'from something'. Finding meaning and purpose in retirement has become much more important now as many of us find that this part of our life could be as long as our previous careers!  Many people only plan for the financial aspects of life after work.  Retirement coaching helps you look at and plan for, all the other equally important aspects  of your new life.  

Some of the things we will encourage you to consider..........for perhaps the next 20-40 years

-Your Health and Wellness

-How will your Relationships look in Retirement?

-Your Leisure and Socialisation when you're not at work

-Caregiving for elders, Grandparenting

-Your place in society and self-perception

-Do you want to try a new Career, paid or volunteering?

-Life meaning and purpose (once you've ticked off 'the Bucket List'!)

Assessment Tools and Experience


The Life Options Assessment tool and the Retirement Success Profile questionnaire are professionally developed tools we use to help you self-assess your preparedness for retirement.  We help you identify your expectations of retirement and compare those expectations with where you're at in your preparation for the non-financial aspects of retirement.  Our experience and training, will help you to find your areas of strength in retirement planning and identify the areas and goals that need more focus to ensure you achieve success in retirement.  

Group and Individual Coaching


Studies have shown that people who are planning for retirement and are well prepared for the new life they are moving to, are more satisfied and productive in their last years at work. The transition period can be a happy and exciting time, so why not consider getting a group together at your work and we can provide an enjoyable and educational workshop, complete with individual assessments  and ongoing guidance and support.


How does Retirement Coaching work?

Individual coaching

  • Introduction. We first meet with you to review your employment and life background; current situation and intentions; and interest in retirement coaching. We outline the assessment process, discuss our rates, and answer any of your questions. This part of our service is obligation free, and cost free if you decide not to proceed. 
  • Questionnaire. If you subsequently go ahead, we will email you an online questionnaire for your completion. The content of the questionnaire has been scientifically designed and produces a professional assessment.
  • Results. After you submit your answers the results are emailed back to you, and copied to us for analysis, associated research, and briefing preparation. 
  • Guidebook. We will send you an accompanying e-book, either The New Retirement or What Colour is my Retirement?  to assist you in interpreting your results.
  • Discussion. We then meet with you again to discuss the results of your questionnaire and our analysis and findings; and suggest some actions for you to consider.
  • Follow-up. We will email you with a short summary of the discussion.
  • Review. Retirement coaching will usually prompt you to reflect on your situation, so the last part of the process is to meet with you again to review,  answer any further questions you may have and discusss a way ahead.

Group Retirement Coaching

  • Group sessions are half a day and have a maximum of 10 attendees.
  • They can be at your workplace , offsite at a place of your choice or we can provide a venue.  We can travel to you.
  • Before we meet as a group. We email you a copy of our online questionnaire. When you submit your answers online,  a professional assessment will be sent back to you.  Bring that with you to your group session. We will also have received a copy of your results.
  • Workshop.  We  meet with the group, and after an introduction, commence a general discussion / questions about Retirement Coaching and your assessment results.  
  • Exercises.  The group will engage in a number of individual and small group exercises and discussions, designed to enhance your understanding of your own expectations of retirement.
  • We will provide a morning/afternoon tea break
  • Guidebook. You will be provided with a hard copy book, either The New Retirement or What Colour is my Retirement?  to help you continue to plan for the non-financial aspects of your retirement in conjunction with your printed assessment report.
  • Retirement Plan. You will be provided with a template to commence drawing up your individual retirement plan
  • Opportunity to book individual coaching sessions. If, after the workshop, you would like to explore Retirement Coaching further with an individual session, that can be arranged.

About Us

Margaret Sloan


Marg is qualified in Management and Coaching and enjoys working with a wide range of people and situations. She's had 22 years HR experience, developed and run two small businesses and spent seven years in education. Marg is a skilled communicator, has raised a family, travels extensively, enjoys bushwalking and the beach. 


What are you waiting for....?

René Vernon


René is a former Director of Human Resources, with 39 years' practical experience, and a Master's degree in Human Resources. He enjoys writing and walking, edits Wikipedia,  and has an interest in science-related topics. René is a great example of someone who looked for and found new purposes in retirement life.

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